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English - Latino sine Flexione

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a art (single but unspecified person/thing) uno

a priori - a priori

abacus n abaco

abandon vt cede; linque; relinque

abate vt minue

abdomen n abdomine

abide vi dege

ability n facultate

abject adj vile

able adj (skillful) capace

abolition n abolitione

abolitionist n abolitionista

abort vt (computer) interrumpe; n interruptu

abound vi afflue

about prep (concerning) de; (place, time, quantity) circa

above prep (over but not in contact) super

abroad adv ab; ad extero

absence n absentia

absent adj to be absent abes

absorb vt absorbe

abstain vi abstine

abstraction n abstractione

abundance n abundantia

abundant adj abundante

abuse n abusu, injuria

abyss n profundo, abysso

academy n academia

accent n accentu

accept vt accipe

accessible adj accessibile

accident n (mishap) infortunio

accompany vt comita

accomplish vt perfice

accord vt (give, award) da | adv accordingly ergo | prep according to juxta; secundo; secundum

accost vt appropinqua

account n computo; on account of ergo; propter

accumulator n accumulatore

ache n dolore

achieve vt comple || n achievement opera

acid n acido

acknowledge vt agnosce

acquaint vi cognosce

acquire vt acquire; eme; lucra; obtine

across prep (on the other side of) trans

act n acto

action n actione

active adj activo

activity n activitate, mobilitate, agilitate

actor n actore, comoedo, histrione

acute adj acuto

adamantine adj adamante

add vt adde

addition n additamento

address vt dirige; discute; ora

adhere vi adhaere

adjacent adj adjacente

adjoin vt adjunge

adjunct adj adjuncto

administration n administratione

admirable adj admirabile

admiral n praefecto classo (?)

admiration n admiratione

admit vt confite, admitte

adolescent n adulescente

adopt vt adopta

adorn vt para

adroit adj versuto

adult n adulta

advante vi perge

Advent n (rel) adventu

adventure n casu (?)

adversary n adversaria

adverse adj adverso

advertise n advertisement annuntio

advice n consilio

advise vt consilia; consule; notifica

aeroplane / airplane n aeroplano

affability n affabilitate

affection n affectu

affirm vt affirma

affinity n affinitate

affliction n afflictatione ; miseria

after adv deinde | prep (according to) secundo; secundum; (since) post; (time) post | adv afterward postea

again adv bis; de novo; iterum

against prep contra || adj adverso

age n old age senectute || adj aged sena

agile adj agile

agony n agonia

agree adj agreeable amœno; grato; be agreeable place

air n aere

airplane n aeroplano

airship n aeronave

alarm vt turba

alas inter eheu!; heu!

albeit conj quamvis

alcaline adj alcalino

alcove n angulo

alert adj vigile

algebra n algebra

alien adj aliena (also: alienigena, peregrino ?)

alike adj pari

alive adj vivo

all adj toto

alliance n foedere

alloy n mixtura (?)

almond n amygdalo

almost adv paene; quasi

alms n stipe

alone adj solo

along longo

alongside apud

alphabetical adj alphabetico

already adv jam

also adv etiam

alternate adj alternato

although conj etsi; quamvis

always cor semper

ambiguous adj vago

amble vi ambula

America n America

amethyst adj amethysto

among prep apud; inter

amplification n amplificatione

amuse n amusement ludo

analyse / analyze vt analyza

analysis n analysi

ancestor n progenitore; ancestry majores; stirpe

ancient adj antiquo

and conj atque; et; item

angle n angulo

angry adj irato

anguilla n anguilla

anguish n angustia

animal adj, n animale

anion n anion

ankle n talo

announce vt nuntia || n announcement annuntio

another adj altero

answer vt responde || n responso

ant n formica

antenna n antenna

antique n antiquity vetustate

antler n ramo

anxious adj anxio

any cor (one, some, every, or all without specification) ullo

apathetic apathico *

ape n simia

apex n vertice

apogee n apogeo

apparatus n apparatu

appear vi appare

appertain vi pertine

appetite - appetitu

applause - plausu (?)

apple n male

application n applicatione

apply vt applica

apprentice - discipulo

approve vt approba

apt adj apto

arc n arcu

ardent adj ardente

arithmetic n arithmetica

arise vi nasce; ori

arm n brachio

armoire n armario

around prep circum

arrange vt ordina ; disposi

arrears n arretrato

arrive vi adveni; perveni || n arrival adventua

arrogant adj arrogante

articulation n articulatione

artificial adj artificiale

artistic adj artistico

auxiliary adj auxiliare

as cor quale; sicut; ut; as far as (distance) usque; as if quasi; as long as dum; as...as tanto...quanto; tanto...quanto tam...quam; as...so ut...ita

ascend vi ascende

ash adj ashy cinereo

ask vt interroga; quære; ask for roga

aspect n aspectu

ass n (zool) asino

assemble vt assembla; conflue; reuni

assent vi annue

assistant n assistente

associate n socio

assume vt (debts, responsibilities, etc.) sume; (suppose, presume) induc

assure n assurance fiducia

astronomy n astronomia

astute adj astuto

at prep (contiguous to) ad; (in the house of) apud; at Akane's house apud Acane; (near) apud; (toward) ad; verso; at hand adjacente; prope; at last in fine; at once subito; at present nunc; at the end in fine; at the time tunc

Atlantic n Atlantico

atom n atomo

attack vt opugna

attain vt attinge

attempt n conatu

attend vt servi

attention n attentione

attest vt attesta

attract vt attrahe

auditive adj auditivo

augment vt auge

augur vt augura || n augury augurio

August n augusto

aunt n amita

autograph n autographo

automatic adj automatico

avoid vt evita

await vt attende

awake vi (to wake up) expergisce ; adj vigile (alert)

away adv ab

awning n tentorio

axis n axi




back n (anat) dorso || adv backward ad retro

background n fundo

bacteria n bacterio

bad adj male; very bad pessimo || adv badly male

baggage n impedimento; sarcina

balance n (of account) reliquo

ball n pilo

band n turba (large group of people); fascia (band of colour, etc.)

bang vt percute || n rumore

bank n argentaria (taberna)

bar n (in a river) pulvino

barbarian adj barbarous truce

bard n vate

bare adj mero || adv barely vix

bark vi latra || n (tree, outer) cortice

barley n hordeo

base vt funda; n fundamento

basic adj basso*

battery n batteria

battle vt lucta; pugna || n lucta

be vi es || n being (entity) ente

beak n becco; rostro; (beak) rostro

bean n faba

bear n (zoo) urso; bearing vultu

beard n barba

beast n bestia

beast of burden n jumento

beat vt (defeat) vince; (strike repeatedly) battue

beating n palpito *

beautiful adj pulcro

because conj nam; quia || prep because of ergo; propter

become vt fi || afx fi

bed n lecto; bedroom cubiculo; bedspread linteolo

bee n ape

beech n fago

beer n cervisia

before prep (place) coram; prae; (time) ante || adv before now jam; before then jam

beg vt pete

begin vt incipe; ingrede

beginning n principio, initio

behalf n on behalf of pro

behind prep retro

behold! inter ecce

behoove vi to be necessary oporte

believe vt crede

bell n campana

below prep infra; sub

bench n sedile

bend vt flecte

beneficial adj benefico

benefit n lucro

benevolent adj benevolo

benign adj benigno

beside prep vicino; besides ultra

best adj optimo

better adj meliore; potius

between prep inter; to be between interes

beverage n bibita

beyond prep (after) post; (besides) ultra; (farther) praeter; (on the other side of) trans

bias vt propende

big adj crasso

bill n factura; (beak) becco

binary adj binare

bird n ave

birth n birthday natalitio

bit n mica, (computer) bito

bitter adj amaro

black adj nigro

blade n lamina

blame n culpa

bland adj lene

blandish n blandishment blanditia

blaze vi splende

blend vt misce

bless adj blessed beato

bliss adj blissful beato

block n (of stone, etc.) massa

blond adj flavo

blood n sanguine

bloom vi flore

blow vt suffla

bludgeon n virga

blue adj caeruleo (dark blue - livido )

board n tabula

body n corpore

bog n palude

boil vt bulli

bomb n bomba

bond n vinculo

book n libro

bookseller bibliopola; librario

boot n calceo; vt (computer) initia

booth n umbra

bore n boredom tædio; weariness tædio

born adj nato; be born again renasce || vi be born nasce

borough n pago

borrow vt mutua

both adv ambo; both...and et...et

bottle n phiala

bottom n infra

box n capsula

boy n boyhood pueritia

brace n brachio

brain n cerebro

branch n ramo

brass n æs

bravo inter euge!

bread n pane

break vt frange; quassa; rumpe || adj broken fracto

breakfast n dejejuno; primo prandio

breath n flatu; halitu

breathe vi respira

breeches n braca

brevity n brevitate

brick n later

bridge n ponte

bright adj fulgido

bring vt apporta; adduce ; bring about effice

broad adj lato

bromium n bromio

brood vt brood upon fove

broth n jusculo

brother n fratre

brown adj fusco

browse vt (the web) naviga, (documents) perlustra

browser n navigatro

bud n germine

bug n (computer) mendo

buggy adj mendoso

bugle n bucina

build vt fabrica ; aedifica || adj built constructo

building n fabrica

bulb n bulbo

bulk n massa

bundle n fasce

burn vt ure || vi arde

business n (any matter or concern) opera; (commerce) negotio

bust n (chest) pectore

but conj ceterum; sed; vero; (unless) nisi; si ne

butcher vt trucida

buy vt eme

by prep (agent: authorship) ab; (agent: by means of) per (medio de); (in oaths) per; (near) apud; vicino; by all means certo; by chance (possibly) forsan; by now jam; by oneself solo; by reason of nam; by then jam; by this time jam

byte n octeto




cabinet n armario

cactus n cacto

cake n libo

calculus n calculo

call vt voca; call out clama

callus n callo

can vt pote

cancel vt tolle

cane n baculo

canoe n lintre

cap n pileo

capable adj capace

capsule n capsula

captain n capitano

car n carro

caravan n commeatu

carbon n carbonio

card n tessera

care vt care for cura | n cura | adj careful sollicito

caress n blanditia

carpet n tapete

carriage n vehiculo

carry vt fer; (by vehicle) vehe; carry out effice

cascade n cataracta

cast vt (form) funde

cat n fele

cataract n cataracta

catch vt rape || adj caught capto

cathode n cathodo

cation n cation

cause vt effice

caution n (care to avoid danger) cautela

cave n cavo; spera

cavern n caverna

cease vt cessa

ceiling n tecto

celebrity n fama

celestial adj caeleste

cell n cella, cellula

cellar n cella

cellular adj cellulare

centimetre / centimeter n centimetro

century n seculo

certain adj (sure) certo; to be sure! certo!; (to a certain extent) aliquanto || adv certainly (assuredly) certo; vero

certitude n certitudo

cerulean adj cæruleo

chain n vinculo

chair n cathedra

chalk n creta; gypso

chance n by chance per casu

change vt (substitute one thing for another) cambia; (transform) muta

chapter n (book) capitulo

character n charactere

charm vt delecta

chase n venatione

chaste adj casto

cheap adj vile

cheek n gena

chemical adj chemico

chemise n camisia

chest n (anat) pectore; thorace

chestnut n castanea

chicken n pullo

child n puero; childhood pueritia

chin n mento

China n Sina

Chinese adj sinense

chip n (computer) talo

chlorine n chloro

chlorophyll n chlorophyla

choose vt elige; (elect to office) elige

chop n fissura

Christian n Christiano

chronicle n chronica

church n ecclesia

cider n sicera

circle n circulo || vt circui

circuit vt circui ; n circuitu

circular adj circulare

circumference n circumferentia

cite vt cita

city n civitate; urbe

civil adj (polite) civile

civilization n civilizatione

civilized adj culto

clad adj vestito

claim vi clama || n postulatione

clan n (gens) gente

clandestine adj clandestino

clarity n claritate

clasp vt amplecte

clean vt terge

clear adj claro

cleave vt sulca

cleavage n fissura

clerk n adjutore

cliff n rupe

climate n clima

cloak n pallio

clock n horologio

close vt claude; adj proximo || adj closed clauso

closet n cubiculo

closure n clausura

cloth n panno; tela; texto; (any woven fabric) fabrica; tablecloth mantele; mappa

clothe n clothes habitu; veste; clothes stand suspendio de veste

cloud n nebula

clover n trifolio

coal n carbone (lapideo)

coarse adj crasso; rude

coat n (anat.) tunica; overcoat superveste

cock n gallo

coddle vt fove

coexistence n coexistentia

cogitate vt cogita

coherent adj cohaerente

cohesion n cohaesione

coil n rocchetto || vi volve

coincide vi coincide

cold adj frigido || n frigore

collect vt collige

collection n collectione

colossal adj colossale

color / colour n colore

comb vt pecte

combination n combinatione

combustible adj combustibile

combustion n combustione

come vi veni; come back redi; reveni

comfort n (consolation) solacio

comforter n consolatore

comma n virgula

command vt impera || n potestate

commence n commencement principio

commercial adj commerciale

commissary n commissario

commissioner n commissario

commodious adj commodo

commodity n commoditate

common adj commune

communicate vi communica

communication n communicatione

community n communitate

company n (business) collegio

compare vt compara

compel vt coge

competent adj competente

compile vt compila

complete adj pleno, completo || vt comple

complex adj complexo

complicated adj complicato

complication n complicatione

component n componente

compose vt composi

composition n compositione

comprehend vi comprehende, intellige

comprehensability n comprehensabilitate

comprehensible adj comprehensabile

compress vt preme

computer n computatro, ordinatro

conceal vt occulta

conceive vt concipe || adj conceivable conceptibile

concept n concepto

conception n conceptione

concern adj concerning de

conclusion n conclusione

concord vi concorda

condition n conditione

condone vt condona

conductor n conductore

cone n cono

confess vt confite


confidence n fiducia

confident confidente

conflict n pugna || vi pugna

conform vi conforma

confuse vt confunde

congress n congressu

congruent adj congruente

conjugation n conjugatione

conjugal adj conjugale

connect n connection junctura || adj connected conjuncto

conquer n conquerer victore || adj conquered victo

consanguineous adj consanguineo

consensus n consensu

consequence n consequentia

consequent adj consequente

consequently adv itaque

conservation n conservatione

conserve vt respice, conserva

consider vt puta, considera

consist vi consiste

console n consolation solacio

constant adj constante; n constantia

constitute vt constitue

construct vt fabrica, construe || adj constructed constructo

construction n constructione

consult vt consule

contact n contactu

contain vt contine

containing adj continente

contemplate vt contempla

contemplation n contemplatione

content adj contento

continent n continente

continue vi dura, continua

continuous adj continuo

contrary adj contrario

contrive vt (invent) inveni

control vt rege

converge vi converge

convulsion n convulsione

cook vt coque || n coquo

copper n cupro

copy vt copia

cord n fune ; vinculo ; funiculo *

cork n (material) subere

corn n (callus) callo; (grain) grano

corona n corona

correct vt corrige; restitue; sana | adj correcto | adv correctly vere

correction n correctione

correspond vi corresponde

corrupt adj corrupto

cost vt consta || n sumptu

cotton n gossypio

counsel vt consilia

count vt numera

country n rure

couple n paria

course n (of dinner) ferculo; (racing, education) cursu; of course certo

court n aula (of a castle)

courteous adj benigno; gentile

cousin n consobrino

cover vt cooperi, tege, obscura || adj covered cooperto

cow n (female) vacca

coward n ignavo; vile

crash vi (computer) corrue

cream n cremore (de lacte)

create vt crea

creation n creatione

creed n fide *

creep vi repe

crew n turba

criticism n censura

crooked adj curvo

crop n messe

cross n cruce *

crossing n trajectu

crowd n turba

crown n corona || vt corona

crude adj crudo

cruel adj truce

crush vt preme || adj crushed fracto

cry vt clama | vi fle; lacrima; plange | n plora

cubicle n cubiculo

cubit n cubito

cuff n pulsino

cultivate adj cultivated culto

culture n cultura

cultured adj erudito

cup n cupa

cure vt cura; sana || n cura

curious adj mirando, curioso

current n currente

cursor n indicio

curtail vt minue

curtain n tentorio; velo

cushion n pulvino

custodian n custode

custom adj customary usitato

curve n crispatura ; sinu **

cut vt cæde; incide; seca; (off, through) præscinde | n cutter (boat) phaselo | adj inciso

cutlet n costeletta

cylinder n cylindro




daily adj quotidiano

damage vt laede

damaged adj laeso

dance vi salta

danger n periculo || adj dangerous periculoso

dare vt aude

dark adj fusco; obscuro

darkness n tenebra*

daughter n filia

dauntless adj impavido

day n (24-hour period) die; (opp. to night) die

dead adj morto

death n decessu; morte

debate n disputatione

debt n debito

debug vt emenda

decide n decision judicio

deck n ponte

declaration n declaratione

declare vt dic

decline vt recusa

dedicate vt dedica

deduction n deductione

deductive adj deductivo

deed n facto

deer n capro

defeat vt vince

define vt defini

definite adj definito

definition n definitione

definitive adj definitivo

defraud vt frauda

degree n gradu

delay vi mora

delegation n delegatione

delete vt dele, erade

delight n delectatione

deliver vt trade

demand n postulatione

demonstration n demonstratione

den n spera

dense adj spisso

density n densitate

deny vt nega; recusa

depart vi exi; parti || n departure exitu

depend vi depende

dependence n dependentia

deprive adj deprived privo

derange vt turba

dereliction n derelictione

derivative n derivato

derive vi deriva

descend vi descende

desert n deserto

design n designo

designate vt designa

desire vt desidera || n desiderio

desk n scrinio

despise vt despecta; despice

destiny n fato

destitute adj inope

destroy vt destrue

detect vt detege

detected adj detecto

determine vt determina

deuce n diabolo

devastate vt pervasto

deviation n deviatione

devil n diabolo

devoted adj devoto

dew n rore

dextrous adj versuto

dialect n dialecto

dictionary n dictionario

die vi mori; peri

different adj diverso, differente

difficult adj difficile

difficulty n angustia

diffuse vt diffunde; adj diffuso

digest vt digere

digit n digito

digital adj digitale

dignified adj digno

dignity n dignitate

diligent adj diligente

diminish vt minue

dine vi conviva; epula

dinner n cena; epula; tertio prandio

direct vt dirige; adj directo

director n directore

direction n directione

dirty adj spurco

disappear vi evanesce

disaster n infortunio

disc / disk n disco

discipline n disciplina

disclaim vt nega

discourse n oratione

discover vt detege; discoperi; reperi || adj discovered discoperto; reperto

discuss vt discute

discussion n discussione

dish n plato

dismal adj mœsto

dispatch vt expedi

displace vt amove

display vt (exhibit) expone; (show) monstra

disseminate vt semina

dissolve adj dissolved soluto

distance n distantia

distant adj distante

distinct adj distincto

distinction n distinctione

distinguish vt distingue

district n pago

ditch n fossa

diurnal adj diurnale

diverge vi diverge

diverse adj diverso

diversity n diversitate

divide vt divide

do vt fac; did e; in præterito; I did write, I wrote me e scribe

doctor n medico

document n documento

dog n cane

domain n imperio; regno

dominate vt domina

dominion n dominio

donate n donation donation

donkey n asino

door n ostio; porta; doorstep limine

double adj duplo

doubt n dubio

dowry n dote

drag vt trahe

draught n haustu

draw vt (pull) trahe

dread vt time

dream n somnio

dress n dressmaker modista || vt vesti

drink vt bibe || n bibita; haustu; drinking glass poculo

drive vt impelle || n driver vecturario

drop n guta

dross n scoria

drought n siccitate

drug n druggist pharmacopola

dry adj sicco || vt sicca

dual adj duale

duck n anate

dull adj hebete

dumb adj muto

dumbbell n libramenta

during n dum

duty n custom duty telonio || adj dutiful pio




each singulo (?)

eagle n aquila

ear n aure

early adj (towards beginning) cito

earn vt lucra

earth n terra

earthenware n fictilia

ease n otio, facilitate || adj easy facile

east n est, oriente

eat vt ede; manduca ; come

eclipse n eclipsi

economic/economical adj oeconomico, (sparing) parco

economize vt economiza

economy n oeconomia

edition n editione

education n educatione

eel n anguilla

effect vt effice; n effectu; effectuate effice

effigy n effigie

effort n conatu

eight card octo; eighty octoginta || ord eighth octavo; eightieth octogesimo

either conj (indifferent) vel...vel; either ... or aut...aut || prn altero; (both of two) utroque

elapse vi flue; labe

elasticity n elasticitate

elbow n cubito

election n electione

electric adj electrico

electricity n electricitate

electrodynamism n elecrodynamismo

electronegative adj electronegativo

electropositive adj electropositivo

element n elemento

elementary adj elementare

elevate vt eleva

elevation n elevatione

elevator n ascensore

eleven card decem-uno

eleventh ord decimo-primo

eliminate vt elimina

elongation n elongatione

else adv alio || cor elsewhere alibi

eloquent adj eloquente

email / e-mail n littera electronica (*check electronica)

embarrass vt impedi

embrace vt amplecte

embroider n embroidery pictura per acu

emery n smyride

eminent adj augusto

emit vt emitte

emotion n emotione

emphasize vt preme

empire n imperio

empirical adj empirico

employ n unemployment otio

empty adj vacuo

enamel n encausto || vt encausta

encircle vt circumda

encompass vt circui

encumber n encumbrance impedimento

end n occasu

endive n endivia

endorse vt fave

endure vi dura || vt (bear, undergo) pate

energy n energia

engage adj be engaged in versa

engineer n ingeniario

England n Anglia

English adj (language) anglo

engrave vt incide || adj engraved inciso

enjoy vt frue

enough adj be enough suppedito || adv satis

enter vt intra

entertain vt epula; (amuse) delecta

entire adj toto || adv entirely toto

entity n ente

entrance n ingressu

entreat vt ora

enumerate vt (mention one by one) numera

envelope n involucro || vt involve

envy vt invide

epistle n epistola

epoch n ævo

equal adj pari, aequale

equation n aequatione

equipment n supellectile

equity n jure

equivalent n aequivalente

era n ævo

erase vt frica, (computer files) erade, dele

erect vt erige

error n errore

erudite adj erudito

escort vt comita

especial adv especially maximo; præcipue; præsertim; in modo speciale

establish vt stabili, funda

estate n loco

estimation n aestimatione

eternal adj sempiterno

eternity n aeternitate

ethics n ethica

euphony n euphonia

even adv etiam; even if etsi

evening n vespere

event n eventu

eventual adv eventually (in the end) in fine

ever adv (always) semper

every cor omne; everyone omne; everywhere passim

evidence n evidentia

evident adj evidente

evil adj male || n male

evolve vi evolve, adj evolved evoluto

exact adj exacto

examine vt inspice, examina

example n exemple, exemplare | for example - per exemplo

exceed vt supera || adv exceedingly extra; ultra; valde

excellence n excellentia

excellent adj excellente

excess n (balance) reliquo

excite vt incende

exclusive adj exclusivo

execrate adj execrable nefando

execute vt (perform) exseque, (a program) pelle

exhibit vt expone

exist vi existe

existence n existentia

expect vt expecta

exercise n exercitio

exhort vt exhorta

expand vi expande

expedient n to be expedient expedi

experience n experientia

experiment n experimento

explain vt explica

exportation n exportatione

expose vt (set in public view; phot) expone; (uncover, reveal) expone

exposition n expositione

express vt exprime

expressive adj expressivo

exterior n extero || adj extraneo

extract vt extrahe

extraneous adj extraneo

extraordinary adj extraordinario

eye n oculo




fabric n panno; tela; texto

face n vultu

facility n facilitate

fact n facto

factory n fabrica; officina

faculty n facultate

fair adj (hair) flavo

faithful adj fidele

fall vi cade; labe

false adj falso

family n familia

fanatic adj fanatico

fantastic adj phantastico

far adj distante; longe || adv so far adhuc

farm n farmer agricola

farmstead n villula

farrago n farragine

fast adj veloce

fate n (random, as if by lots) sorte

father n patre

fatigue adj fatigued fesso

faucet n valvula

faulty adj vitioso

favor vt fave; fove

favorable adj favorabile

fear vt time; vere | n (general) timore | adj fearless impavido

feast n epula || vi conviva

feather n pluma

feature vt præsenta

february n februario

fee n imposito

feed vt nutri; (give food, or provide in manner of food) ale || n nutrimento

feel vt senti

feign adj feigned ficto

felt n (cloth) coactilia

female n femina

fern n filice

fertilization n fertilizatione

fertilize vt fertiliza

ferule n virga

fetter vt impedi

fever n febri

few adj pauco; a few aliquanto

field n agro; campo

fight vt lucta; fight against opugna || n lucta

filament n filamento

file vt ordina; n (computer files) scapo, plica

film n film

filter n filtro

fin n pinna

final adv finally denique; in fine

find vt inveni; præbe

find out vt deprehende

finger n digito

finish vt fini

fir n abiete

fire n foco; igne; pyro; fireplace camino || vt (ignite) incende

firm n (business) fabrica

first ord primo; at first primo

fish n pisce || vt pisca

fish pond n piscina

fissure n fissura

five card quinque; fifty quinquaginta || ord fifth quinto; fiftieth quinquagesimo

fix vt stabili

flake n flocco

flame n flamma

flattery n blanditia

flax n lino

flee vi fuge

flesh n carne

flight n volatu

flint n silice

floor n pavimento; plano

flour n farina

flourish vi flore

flow vi flue

flower n flore || vi flore

fly vi vola || n (insect) musca

foam n spuma || vi spuma

focal adj focale

fold vt plica

fold together vt complica

follow vt fave; seque | n follower fautore | adj followed secuto; following sequente

font n typo

food n alimento; cibo; nutrimento

fool n stulto || adj foolish stulto

foot n pede

for prep ob; pro; (because) nam

force vt (by physical power) fortia; (coerce, compel) coacta; coge || n (mech, mil) fortia; (strength) fortia; vi

fore n forefather progenitore

forecast vt prævide

forehead n fronte

foreign adj extraneo

foresee vt prævide

forest n silva

forget vt oblivisce

fork n furcula

form n modo, forma; vi/vt forma

formula n formula

former adj priore || adv formerly olim

found vt funda

foundation n fundamento

four n quatuor; forty quadraginta; four by four quatuor per quatuor | ord fortieth quadragesimo; fourth quarto | fract fourth uno quarto

fox n vulpe

frame n (body) corpore

France n Francia

French adj (language) franco

Frenchman franco

frank n Frank (hist) franco

French adj franco

free adj gratis; libero || adv freely libenter

freedom n libertate

frequency n frequentia

frequent adj frequente

frequently adv saepe; subinde

friction n fricatione

Friday n veneredie

friend n amico

friendship n amicitia

frigid adj frigido

frog n rana

from prep ab; de

front n in front of ob

fruit n fructu

fry adj fried fricto (in patella)

full adj pleno

function n functione; vi functiona

fund vt funda

fundamental adj fundamentale

fungus n fungo

furious adj irato, furioso

fury n furia

furlough n commeatu

furniture n piece of furniture supellectile

furrow n lira

further adj ultra || adv (moreover, yet, more) præterea

futile adj inutile

future n futuro




gain vt lucra || n lucro

gale n procella

game n joco; ludo

Ganymede n Ganimede

garden n horto

gather vt collige

gauze n gaza

gem n gemma

general adj generale

generate vt genera

gentle adj gentile; lene

genus n genere

geometry n geometria

German adj germano

Germany n Germania

germ n germine

get vt percipe; get to (be able to) pote; (reach) attinge

giant gigante

gift n dono

girl n puella; girlhood pueritia

give vt da; præbe; give back restitue; give up cede

glad adj læto | n gladness lætitia vt gladden lætifica | adv gladly libenter

glass n vitro ; adj vitreo

glide vi labe

glove n chirotheca

go vi i; vade; (on foot) grade; go back regrede; go down descende; go on dura; go out exi

goal n scopo

goat n capra

god n deo; godly (pious) pio

gold n auro

good adj bono; (morally) benigno || n goodness bonitate; goods merce

goose n ansere

gossip n sermone

govern vt guberna; impera; rege

grace n (before meals) prandio

grade n gradu

gradual adv gradually paulatim

graft vt insere

grain n grano

grammar n grammatica

grammatical adj grammaticale

grape n uva

graphic adj graphico

grass n herba

grateful adj grato

grave adj (serious, weighty, not trifling) grave || n fossa

gravitate gravita **

gravy n suco

great adj magno, grande; greater majore; superiore || adv greatly valde

Greek graeco

green adj viride

greet vt saluta

grey adj cano; cinereo

grid n craticula

grieve vt dole

grill n craticula

group n gruppo

grow vi cresce

guest n hospite

guitar n cithara

gum n gummi




habit n (clothes) habitu

habitual adj usitato

habituate vt assuefac

hair n capillo; pilo

half fract dimidio

hall n aula

hand n manu; (of a watch) indice; on the other hand ceterum || vt hand over trade

handful n pugillu *

handiwork n opera

handkerchief n sudario

handle n manubrio

handy adj (at hand) prompto

hang vi pende

happen vi incide

happy adj felice || n happiness jucunditate

harangue vt ora

hard adj duro ; difficile

hardly adv vix

hare n lepore

harmony n harmonia

harrow vt hirpice

harvest vt mete || n messe; harvester messore

haste vi hasten matura

hat n cappa; pileo; hatter cappario

hate vt odio

have vt habe; have on, be wearing gere; vesti

hawk vt (peddle) circumfer

hazard n periculo

he prn illo; he who illo; himself se

head n capite

heal vt cura

health n salute; sanitate

heap n massa

hear vt audi | n hearing auditu | adj heard audito

heart n corde

heat n calore || vt calefac

heath n erica

heaven n cælo; cœlo

heavy adj grave; ponderoso; (phys., fig.) grave

heel n talo

heir n herede

hello inter eho!; heus!

help vt adjuva | n auxilio | adj helpless inope; misero

hemp n cannabe

hen n gallina

hence adv ergo; hinc; inde; henceforth post

her prn illa; illo; herself se || pos suo

herb n (any plant without woody stem) herba

herd n grege

here cor hac; hic || inter here is/here are ecce

hide vt occulta

high adj alto; higher supero

hinder vt obsta

hint vt indica; suggere

his pos suo

history n historia

hit vt ice; percute

hither cor huc

hole n puteo; (cavity) cavo

holy adj sancto

hollow n cavo

home n (in) domo

Homer Homero

honest adj honesto

honey n melle

honorable adj honorabile

hope vt spera || n spe

horizontal adj horizontale

horn n cornu

hors d'�uvre n anteprandio

horse n caballo; equo; horsetail equiseto

host n hospite

hot adj calido

hour n hora

house n domo; in the house of apud

how cor quomodo; how many quot; how many times? quotiens?; how much quanto

however adv sed; tamen

hug vt amplecte

hulk n scapha

hull n scapha

human n homine; adj humano

humble adj humile

humid adj humido

hundred card centum || ord hundredth centesimo

hunger n fame

hunt n venatione

hurrah inter io!

hurricane n huracano

hurry n festinatione

hurt adj hurtful damnoso

husband n marito; sponso; vir

hydrogen n hydrogenio




I prn me

ice n glacie

idea n idea

identical adj identico

ideographic adj ideographico

idle n idleness otio

if conj si; if not si non; if...or if sive...sive

ignore vt ignora

ill adj infirmo || n illness infirmitate

ill-omened adj infausto

illiberal adj illiberale *

illiterate adj analphabeta

illuminate vt illumina

illustrate vt illustra

illustration n illustratione

image n imagine

imbibe vt imbibe

imitation n imitatione

immediate adv immediately mox; statim; subito

immemorial adj immemorabile

immense adj immenso

immobile adj immobile

impede vt impedi; obsta

impel vt impelle; urge

impermeable adj impermeabile

implant vt insere

importance n importantia

important adj importante

impose vt impone

impossible adj impossibile

impulse n impulsu

in prep in

inauspicious adj infausto

inch n pollice

incise n incision inciso

incite vt incide

inclination n inclinatione

incline vi inclina

include adj included incluso

income n (from investments) reddito

incomplete adj incompleto

incredible adj incredibile

increase vt auge | vi cresce | n incremento

indefinite adj indefinito

independent adj independente

index n indice

indicate vt indica

indication n indicatione

indignant adj be indignant indigna

indignation n indignatione

indirect adj indirecto

individual n individuo

Indo-European adj indo-europaeo

induce vt induc

induction n inductione

industry n industria

inequality n iniquitate

inert adj inerte

inertia n inertia

infant n infante

infer vt infer

inferior adj inferiore

infernal adj infernale

infinite adj infinito

infirm adj infirmo || n infirmity infirmitate

inflame vt incende

inflect vt flecte

inflection n inflexione

influence vt influe; n influentia

information n scientia

ingot n lingot

inherit n inheritor herede

iniquity n iniquitate

initiate vt initia

inject adj injected iminisso

injure adj injured læso; injurious damnoso

injury n injuria

ink n atramento; inkstand atramentario

innocent adj innocente

inodorous adj inodoro

inorganic adj inorganico

inquire vt inquire

inscribe adj inscribed inscripto

insert vt insere; interpone

inside adv inside of intra

inspect vt inspice

inspiration n inspiratione

install vt (a program) institue, instrue

instead prep potius

integral adj integro

intelligent adj intelligente

intelligible adj intelligibile

instigate vt instiga

instruction n instructione

instrument n instrumento

insulate vt insula

insure n insurance assecurantia; assecuratione

intense adj intenso

intensity n intensitate

intensive adj intensivo

interest vt interes || adj interesting interessante

interior n interiore

interlace vt interlaquea

intermittent adj intermittente

international adj internationale

Internet n Interrete

interpose vt interpone

interpretation n interpretatione

interrogate vt interroga

intervene vi interes

intimate vt suggere

intricate adj intricato

introduce vt (bring in) infer, introduce

introduction n introductione

invariable adj invariabile

invent vt inveni

invention n inventione

inventor n inventore

investigate vt investiga

invisible adj invisibile

invite vt invita

involuntary adj involuntario

irate adj irato

irregular adj irregulare

iron n ferro

ironic adj ironico

island n insula

it prn illo; (human) illo; (nonhuman) illo

Italian adj (language) italiano

Italy n Italia

its pos suo; (reflexive) se




janitor n famulo

January n januario

Japan n Nippon; Japanese nipponense || adj Japanese nipponico

jealous adj zelotypo

jest vi lude

join vt liga

journal n diurnale

journey n itinere

joy n gaudio; lætitia || adj joyful læto

judge vt judica || n judice; judgment judicio

juice n suco

jump vi salta || vt jump over transili

juncture n junctura

Jupiter n jove

just adj justo

justice n jure ; justitia




keep vt (maintain, hold in a place) retine ; custodi || n keeper custode

key n (of a piano, computer) clave; (to a lock) clave; keyboard claviario

kidnap vt rape

kidney n rene

kill vt occide

kind n genere || adj benigno

king n rege; kingdom regno

kiss n basio; osculo

kitchen n coquina

knee n genu

knife n cultro

knit vt scutula || n knitting scutula

knock vt pulsa

know vt cognosce; nosce; sci || adj known cognito; noto




labor / labour n labore

laborer n operario

laboratory n officina

lace n laqueo

lacking vi be lacking defice

lamb n agno

lament vi lamenta

lamentable adj lamentabile

land n terra || vi egredi ex nave

lane n vico

language n lingua

lap vt (drink) linge

large adj magno; larger majore

last vi dura || adj (most recent) ultimo; at last denique; in fine

late adj (behindhand) sero; tardo; to be late tarda || adv lately nuper

latitude n latitudine

laugh vi ride

laughter n risu

launch n scapha

laurel n lauro

law n jure; lege

lawn n prato

lay vt pone

lazy adj pigro

lead vt duc || n plumbo

leader n duce

leaf n folio

leak vi (fluid) flue

learn vt (by study) disce; to learn by heart edisce || adj learned docto; erudito; sapiente

least minimo; at least - ad minimo

leather n corio

leave vt linque; relinque

left adj sinistro; at the left laeva; sinistro ; the left sinistra

leg n crure

lenient adj lene

less adv minus; less...than minus...quam

lesson n lectione

letter n (correspondence) epistola ; littera

liberty n libertate

library n bibliotheca

licence n licentia

lick vt linge

lie vi jace

life n vita

lift vt eleva; subleva; tolle

light n luce; lumine | vt accende; illumina | adj (weight) leve; lighted accenso

lightning n fulmine, fulgore

like vt ama

lime n calce

limit vt limita

line n linea

linen n lino

linguistic adj linguistico

linguistics n linguistica

lining n subsuto

link n (Internet) conjunctione, ligamine

linking n consolidatione

lintel n limine supero

lion n leone

lip n labio

list n tabella

listen v ausculta

little adj pauco || adv pauco

live vi habita || vt vive

liver n hepate

load vt (cargo, bullets, film, et al.) impone; onera

locality n localitate

locate adj located sito

lock n locksmith claviario

logic n logica

login vt ini

logout vt exi

long adj longo ; largo *

longitude n longitudine

look vt look at adspice; perspice; prospice; spece; specta | vi aspice | n vultu

loop n (program structure) ambitu

lose vt perde

lost adj to be lost (perish) peri

love vt (feel deep affection for) ama || n amore

low adj basso; humile; lower inferiore

lucid adj lucido

lucre n lucro

luggage n sarcina

luminous adj luminoso

lunch n secundo prandio

lung n pulmone




machine n machina

mad adj (rabid) rabido

madness n insania

magnet n magnete

magnetic adj magnetico

magnificence n magnificientia

magnificent adj magnifico

magnitude n magnitudine

maid n ancilla; (maiden) puella

majesty n majestate

major adj majore || n (mil) majore

majority n majoritate

make vt fac ; redde*

male n mas(culo)

malform vt maleforma

man n homo; viro

man of the people (?) - homo-ex-populo

manage vt (look after the affairs of person, business, organization) gere || n manager (for an owner) gerente

manly adj virile

manservant n famulo

mantle n pallio

manufacture vt fabrica || n manufacturer fabricante

many adj so many tot; multo

map n mappa

maple n acere

marble n marmore

march n March (month) martio

margin n margine

marry vt marita

Mars n marte

marsh n palude

marvel adj marvellous mirabile

mass n massa || vt massa

master n (expert; title of respect) magistro || vt (learn thoroughly) edisce

match n (for fire) flammifero

material n materia; adj materiale

maternal adj materno

mathematics n mathematica

matter n pure

mattress n culcita

mature vi matura

may vt (can) pote; (have right to, be permitted) lice ad uno; (perhaps, maybe) forsan || n May (month) majo

mayor n majore

me prn me

meal n farina; mensa; prandio

mean n medio; by means of - per, per medio de

meanwhile adv interim

measure n mensura

meat n carne

mechanism n mechanismo

medic n medico

medium n medio

medley n farragine

meek adj humile

meet vt conflue; incide; reuni || n meeting reunione

melody n melodia

melt vt funde

membrane n membrana

memorial n memorabile *

memory n memoria

menace adj menacing minace

mental adj mentale

menu n minuta

merchandise n merce

merchant n mercante

mercury n mercurio

mercy n misericordia

mere adj mero

metal n metallo

metaphysics n metaphysica

method n methodo

metre / meter n metro

microscopic n microscopico

might n vi

mild adj (medicines, diseases) benigno

mile n millia

milk n lacte

million card millione || ord millionth millionesimo

mind n mente

mine n fodina || pos de me

mingle vt misce

minimum n minimo

minus prep minus

mirror n speculo

mirth n festivitate*

misfortune n infortunio

mix vt misce

mobile adj (capable of movement) mobile

mode n modo

modem n transmodulatro

modest adj modesto

modification n modificatione

modulation n modulatione

moist adj madido

moment n momente

monarch n monarcha

Monday n lunadie

money n pecunia, denario

monkey n simia

monopoly n monopolio

monotonous adj monotono

month n mense

mood n modo

moon n luna; new moon novilunio

moral adj, n morale

morality n moralitate

more adv magis; plus; more...than plus...quam; moreover præterea

moribund adj moribundo

morning n mane

morose adj moroso

Moscow n Moscova

most adv maximo

mother n matre

motion n motione ; motu

motive n motivo

motor n motore

mouth n bucca; ore

move n movable mobile

movement n movimento

Mr. n (short for Mister) domino

Mrs. n (short for Mistress) domina

much adv multo; not much pauco; too much nimis || adj multo

mud n limo

multitude n multitudine

mushroom n fungo

music n musica

must vt debe

mutation n mutatione

mute adj muto

my pos meo || prn myself me ipso

myth n mytho




name n nomine | vt (say the name of) nomina | adj named nominato

napkin n mantele

narrow adj angusto; stricto

nation n natione

native adj nativo

natural adj naturale

near adj prope; proximo | vi draw near appropinqua | prep apud; juxta

necessary adj necessario, necesse || to be necessary oporte

necessity n necessitate

neck n collo; necktie fascia (de collo); focale

need vt necessita || n needs necesse

needle n acu

nefarious adj nefando

negate vt nega

negative adj negativo

neighbor n vicino || adj neighboring vicino

neither conj neither...nor neque...nec || prn neutro

neolatin adj neolatino

neon n neon

nephew n nepote

net n rete

neuter adj neutro

never cor nunquam || adv nevertheless tamen

new adj novo || n news notitias

next adj next to juxta

niece n nepote

night n nocte

nine card novem; ninety nonaginta || ord ninetieth nonagesimo; ninth nono

no inter minimo; non; nullo modo || cor no one nemine; no way in nullo modo; nobody nemine; not one nullo; nowhere nusquam

nitrogen n nitrogenio

node n nodo

noise n rumore

nomenclature n nomenclatura

nominate vt nomina

nomination n nominatione

noon n meridie

north adj septentrionale

nose n naso

not adv ne; non; is it not? non?

notable adj notabile

note n nota

nothing cor nihil

notify vt notifica

notion n notione

noun n nomine

novel n novelty novitate

now adv nunc

nozzle n (spray) naso; rostro

number n cifra, numero

numeral n numerale

numerous adj numeroso

nurse vt nutri

nurture vt nutri

nut n nuce

nutriment n nutrimento

nutrition n nutritione




oak n quercu

oat n avena

obedience n oboedientia

object n objecto

objective n objectivo

objectivity n objectivitate

obligatory adj obligatorio

oblivion n oblivione

obscure adj obscuro

observation n observation

observe vt observa

obsolete adj obsoleto

obstacle n obstaculo

obtain vt obtine || adj obtained obtento

occasion n (instance, circumstance, time) vice, occasione

occultation n occultatione

occupation n occupatione

occupy vi occupa

occur vi (happen) incide

ocean n oceano

Odyssey n odyssaea

odor adj odorless inodoro

of prep (agent, authorship) ab; (concerning) ab; (origin, derivation, starting point) de; (out of) ex; (possession) de; of late nuper

off prep ab

offend adj offended offenso

offer vt objice; præbe

office n (place) officina

offshoot n ramo

often adv saepe

oh! inter o!

oil n oleo

old adj (former) priore; (not new, of long standing) vetere; (not young, having long existed) sena; old age senectute

on prep super

once adv olim; semel; uno vice; at once mox; statim; subito; once upon a time olim

one card uno; one by one singulo; uno per uno || prn uno; one's self se ipso

only adv solo; not only...but also - non solo...sed etiam

open vt aperi || adj aperto

opera n opera

operate vt (control the functioning of) opera

operation opere, operatione

operating system n systema interno

opinion n opinione

opportunity n occasione

opposition n oppositione

oppressor n tyranno

or conj aut; or not? annon?

orate vi ora || n oration oratione

orator n oratore

orbit n orbita

orchard n pomerio

order vt jube; n ordine || prep in order to ut

ordinary adj ordinario

organ n organo ; viscere*

organic adj organico

organism n organismo

origin n provenientia, origine || vi originate nasce; ori

original adj originale

orthography n orthographia

oscillation n oscillatione

oscillatory adj oscillatorio

ostrich n struthione

other adj alio, cetero

our pos nostro; ours de nos || prn ourselves nos ipso

out prep get out! apage!; out of ex; outside extra || adv outside foris

oven n caldario; furno

over prep super

overflow vi redunda

overtake vt conseque; superveni

owe vt debe

owl n bubone

own adj proprio

ox n (castrated bull) bove

oxidant n oxidante

oxidize vi oxyda

oxygen n oxygenio



pack n package fasce; pacco || vt collige

page n pagina

pain n dolore

paint adj painted picto

pair n paria

palate n (roof of the mouth) palato

Palestine n Palaestina

palpitation n palpito *

paper n charta

paragraph n paragrapho

parallel adj parallelo

parchment n pergamena

pardon vt condona

parent n genitore

part n parte

particle n particula

particular adj particulare

particularity n particularitate

partner n socio

pass vi percurre | n passer-by prætereunte; transeunte | adj passed praeterito

pass away vi praeteri

passenger n (traveller) viatore

passion n passione

passive adj passivo

password n signo

past n præterito || prep præter

patent n patente

patience n patientia

pause n pausa

pavement n pavimento

pay vt (a bill, debt, etc.) paca; (make a payment of) paca; (someone) paca | n payment (thing paid) pacamento | adj payable pacabile

pea n piso

peace n pace

peach n persica

peacock n pavone

pear n piro

pearl n margarita

pedestrian n pedestre

peel n cortice; pelle

peer n pari

pencil n graphio; stalk; stilo

penetrate vi penetra

penultimate adj pænultimo

people n gente; populo

pepper n pipere

perceive vt intellige; percipe; senti

percussion n percussione

perfect vt perfice; adj perfecto

perform vt effice

perhaps adv forsan

peril n periculo

period n periodo

perish vi peri

permit vt pate, permitte

perpetual adj perpetuo

persevere vi persevera

personal adj personale

personally coram

perspire n perspiration sudore

pertain vi pertine

perturbation n perturbatione

pharmacy n pharmacist pharmacopola

phenomenon n phaenomeno

philosopher n philosopho

phonetic adj phonetico

photoelectric adj photoelectrico

photograph n, vt photographa

photographic adj photographico

photography n photographia

physical adj physico

physician n medico

pianist n pianista

pile n massa; (elec, atomic) pilo

pillar n pilo

pillow n pulvino

pin n pinna

pine n (tree) pino

pineapple n ananas

pious adj pio

pipe n tubo

pirate n pirata

pit n puteo; (cavity) cavo; (dug out) fossa; (hole) puteo

pitch vt (a tent) stabili

pitfall n fovea

pity n misericordia || vt compate

pivot vt (change direction, facing) verte; (on a connected axis) gyro

place n loco | vt pone adj placed sito | in place of - in loco de

plaintive adj flebile

plan vt (intend) projice

plane n plano

planet n planeta

plant n planta  ; vt planta

planting n satione

plate n (for food) plato; (soup plate) scutella

platinum n platino

play vt (a role) lude; (game, sport) lude || n ludo

pleasant adj amœno; placente

please vt place || adj pleased contento

pleasure n gaudio; jucunditate; libito; voluntate; voluptate

plenty adj satis

plough n aratro || vt ara

pluck vt velle , evelle

plural n plurale

plus prep plus

pocket n sacculo

poem n poema

poet n vate

poetry n poesia

point n puncto

poison vt venena

Poland n Pole polono

pole n (rod, etc.) palo

police n policeman vigile

polish vt terge

polite adj civile

politics n politica

ponderous adj ponderoso

pool n palude

poor adj misero ; paupere

pope n papa

populace n vulgo

pore n poro

porous adj poroso

port n portu

porter n bajulo

position n positione

positive adj positivo

possess vt posside

possibility n possibilitate

possible adj possibile

post n postage stamp atele

posterior adj posteriore

postulate vt postula

potassium n potassio

potato n solano

potent adj potente

pottery n fictilia

pour vt funde; versa

potential n potentia

power n potestate, potentia || adj powerful potente


adj practico

practice n practica ; in practice - in practica

praise vt suffla ; laude

pray vt preca

precede adj preceding priore

precise adj praeciso

precision n praecisione

predominance n praedominantia

predominate vt praedomina

prefer vt praefer

preferably potius

prepare vt para, praepara

presbytarian n presbytero

present vt praesenta || adj to be present ades, praesente

preserve vt parce; respice; praeserva

president n praesidente

press vt preme

presume vt suppone

pretension n praetensione

prevail vt praevale

prevent vt obsta

previous adv previously antea

price n pretio

prick n

prickly adj spinoso

prime adj primo

primitive adj primitivo

principal n principale

principle n principio

print vt imprime

printed adj impresso

printer impressore

prior adj priore

prison n carcere

probability n probabilitate

problem n problema

procedure n procedura

proceed vi perge

process n processu

produce vt produce

product n by-product paraproducto

profession n professione

professor n professore

profit n reddito

profund adj profundo

progenitor n progenitore

progress vi progrede; n progressu

prohibit vt prohibe

project vt projice

Prometheus Prometheo

promise n promisso

prompt adj prompto || vt instiga

pronounce vt pronuntia

propagate n propaga

property n proprietate; personal property n mobile

proportion n proportione; in proportion to - in proportione de

proportional adj proportionale

propose vt proposi, propone

proposition n propositione

prove vt proba

provide n provisions cibo

province n provincia

provoke vt provoca

prudence n prudentia

psychic n psychico

psychology n psychologia

public n publico

publication n publicatione

publish vt publica

pull vt trahe

pulsate vi pulsa

punch vt ice

pupil n scholare

purchase n emptione

pure adj puro

pus n pure

push vt pelle; preme || vi push on progrede

put vt pone; put in order ordina || adj posito

pyrite n pyrite

pyrotechnic adj pyrotechnico




quadruple adj quadruplo; quadruplicate quadruplo

quality n qualitate

quash vt quassa

queen n regina

querry vt quære

question n quaestione

quick adj celere; veloce

quinine n quina

quiver vi (shake) treme

quote vt cita




rabble n vulgo

rabid adj rabido

race n stirpe

radical n radicale

radio n radio

radio wave n radio-unda

rage n furia *

rail n lira; railroad ferrovia

rain n pluvia || vt plue

raise vt releva; subleva

rapid adj rapido

rapidity n rapiditate

rare adj raro

rat n ratto (mus rattus)

rate n rata

rather adv potius; (preference) magis

ratio n ratione

rational adj rationabile *

ravish vt rape

raw adj crudo; rude

reach vi attinge

read vt lege 

reader n lectore

ready adj prompto

reality n realitate

reap vt mete || n reaper messore

rear vt (feed and support) ale

reason n (faculty) ratione

recall vt recorda

receive vt recipe || n receipt quietantia; receptione; receiption receptione

recent adj ultimo

recently adv nuper

reception n receptione

reciprocal adj reciproco

recite vt recita

reckless adj temerario

recklessness n temeritate

reckon vt (the amount of) puta

recognize vt recognosce

recollect n recordatione recordatione

recomposite vt recomposi

reconstruction n reconstructione

record vt (set down facts) recorda

red adj rubro

reduce vt minue, reduc

reduction n reductione

reed n canna

refuse vt recusa || n relicto

region n loco, regione

registration n registratione

regret vt dole; plora || adj regretful dolente

regular adj usitato, regulare

regularity n regularitate

reign n regno

rejoice vi gaude; jubila

relate vi memora || adj related conjuncto; consanguineo

relation n relatione

release vt expedi

relic n reliquia

relieve vt (tension, strain, etc.) releva

religion n religione

relinquish vt relinque || adj relinquished relicto

rely n reliance fiducia

remain vi dura; mane; permane; remane; resta | n remainder reliquo; remains reliquia | adj remaining cetero

remark adj remarkable mirando

remember vt (mark and keep in mind) recorda || n remembrance recordatione

remove vt (move away) tolle; (take away, do away with) exue ; aufe

rend vt (apart) scinde

renounce vt (abandon a claim to) renuntia

rent vt (something to someone) loca || n (payment) reddito

repair vt sana

repast n cibo

repeat vt repete

repeatedly iterum

reply n responso

represent vi repraesenta

representation n repraesentatione

reproach vt reproba

reproduce vt reproduce

reproduction n reproductione

reprove vt reproba

request vt pete

requisite adj requisito

rescue vt salva

resent vt indigna

reserve adj reserved saltem

reside vi dege

residue n residuo

resignation n resignatione

resist vt resta

resolve vt resolve

resort vi recurre

respect vt respice; vere

respiration n respiratione

respire vi respira

respond vt responde || n responso

rest vi quiesce || adj restless inquieto || n requiete (relaxation)

restore vt restitue

result vi conseque n resultatu

retain vt retine

retard vt retarda

retract vt retrahe

retrieve vt restitue

return vi (come back) reveni | vt (give back) redde; return thanks agere gratias n reversione; returns reddito | adj returned (given back) reddito; (gone back) reduce

reunion n reunione

reverence n reverentia

review vt revide

revise vt revide

revolution n revolutione

revolve vi rota; volve

reward n praemio

rhythm n rhythmo

rice n oryza

rich adj locupleto ; divite || n riches divitia

rid adj to get rid of exue

right adj recto; at the right dextero ; right side dextera

rind n cortice

ring n anello; circulo || vi sona

rise vi surge ; consurge

risk n periculo

ritual n ritu

river n fluvio

road n via

roast n tosto

rock n (boulder) rupe

rod n palo; virga

roof n tecto

room n camera; bathroom balneo

root n radice

rotate vi rota

rotation n rotatione

rotund adj rotundo

round adj rotundo || n vice

roundabout adj prope

rouse vt excita

route n trajectu

row n rowing remigatione

royal n royalty reddito

rub vt frica

rubric adj rubro

ruby n rubino

rude adj rude

rug n tapete

rule vt guberna; rege; regula || n regno; regula; ruler regula

rumor n rumore

run vi curre || n cursu

Russia n russia

Russian adj russo

rye n secale




sacred adj sacro

sacrifice n sacrificio

sad adj dolente; triste

sadden vt contrista

sadness n tristitia

safe adj securo; tuto || adv safely tuto

sale n salesman venditore

salt n sale

salute vt saluta

same adj idem

sample n specimine

sane n sanity sanitate

sanscrit sanscrito

sap n suco

sapphire adj sapphiro

satellite n satellite

satiate vt satia

satisfactory adj satisfaciente

saturated adj saturo

Saturday n sabbato; saturnodie

Saturn n Saturno

sausage n luganica

savage adj truce

save vt salva, (a file) serva, conserva || adj saved saltem

say vt dic

scale n (of fish, etc.) squama

scarce adv scarcely vix

scatter vt sparge

scene n scena

schedule n horario, schedula *

scholar n scholare

school n schola

scientific adj scientifico

scientist n scientista

scoria n scoria

scorn vt contemne

screen vt (hide, conceal) occulta

scrub vt terge

sculpture n sculptura

sea n mare

seagreen adj glauco

seam n sutura

season n (of year) satione

seat n sede; sedile

second ord secundo

secret n, adj secreto

secretary n scriba

secretly adv clam

secure adj securo; tuto || n security cautela

see vt vide || adj seen viso

seed n semine

seek vt quaere

seize vt sume

select vt selige

selection n selectione

self n ipso

sell vt vende

seller n venditore

semen n semine

send vt manda; mitte || adj sent misso

sensation n sensatione

sense vt senti; n sensu

senseless (foolish) stulto

sensible adj sensibile

sentiment n sentimento

sentimental adj sentimentale

separate adj separato

Serbian adj (language) serbo

serial adj seriale

series n serie

serious adj (earnest, sincere, not joking) grave, serioso; (weighty, not trifling) grave

serum n sero

serve vt servi

servile adj servile

set vi (sun) occide

set up vt erige

settle vt stabili

seven card septem; seventy septuaginta || ord seventh septimo; seventieth septuagesimo

several adj (indef amount) aliquanto; (more than one) nonnullo; plure

severe adj severo

sew vt consue

sewing n sutura

shade n umbra || vt umbra

shaft n puteo

shake vt quassa

sharp n sharpness acie

shave vt rade

she prn illa; illo

shed vt versa

sheep n ove

sheet n linteolo

shelf n tabula

shell n (outer part) extero

shine vi splende

ship n nave

shipwrecked person n naufrago

shirk vt evita

shirt n camisia

shock n percussione

shoe n calceo; shoemaker sutore

shop n negotio

shore n litore

short adj (brief) breve; (length) curto; in short denique

should debe

shoulder n humero; shoulder blade scapula

shovel n pala

show vt monstra

shrewd adj versuto

shun vt evita

shutdown vt claude; n clausura

shutter n obturatore

sick adj ægro; infirmo || n sickness infirmitate

side n latere; this side of cis

sideboard n armario

sight n visu

sign vt indica; n signo

signature n signatura

significance n significatione

silent adj be silent tace

silex n silice

silica n silice

silk n seta; silkworm bombyce

silly adj stulto

silver n argento

similar adj simile

similitude n similitudine

simple adj simplice

simplex adj simplice

simplicity n simplicitate

simplification n simplificatione

simplify vt simplifice; vi simplifica

simulate vt simula *

simultaneous simultaneo

simultaneously simul

since prep deinde

sing vt canta

singer n cantore

single adj singulo; (sole) solo

singular n singulare

sister n sorore

sit vi sede; sit down conside || adj sitting sedente

situate adj situated posito

situation n situatione

six card sex; sixty sexaginta || ord sixth sexto; sixtieth sexagesimo

sketch n designo ; adumbratione

skin n pelle

skirt n lacinia; talaria

sky n caelo; coelo; skyscraper caelorasore

slag n scoria

slave n servo

slay vt trucida

sleep vi dormi

sleeve n manica

slow adj lento

small adj parvo

smell vi (emit odor) odora || vt (perceive odor) olfactu

smelt vt funde

smile vi arride

smoke vt (cigar, etc.) fuma

snatch vt velle

snow n nive || vi ninge

so adv ergo; ita; sic; tam; not so non ita; so much the tanto

soak adj soaked madido

soap n sapone

social adj sociale

society n societate

sock n socculo

sodium n sodio

soft adj molle

soil n solo

soldier n milite

sole n (zool) solea

solution n solutione

solve adj solved soluto

some cor (unknown or unspecified by name) aliquo; (unspecified number or quantity) aliquanto; some amount aliquanto; aliquot; someone aliquo; sometime aliquando; interdum; somewhat aliquid

son n filio

sophistry n calumnia

sorry adj dolente

soul n anima

sound vi sona || n sono

soup n jusculo

sour n souring satione

south n meridie*

source n fonte

sovereign n sovereignty potestate

sow vt (a seed, etc.) semina

space n spatio

spam vt sagina; n saginatione

Spanish (language) hispano

spare vt parce

spark n scintilla

sparrow n passere

speak vt loque || adj spoken locuto

special adj speciale

species n specie

specimen n specimine

spectator n spectatore

speech n oratione ; sermone

speed n rapiditate

spell n (enchantment) sor o

spigot n obturatore

spical n spirale

spiny adj spinoso

spirit n spiritu

spirited adj vivido

spiritual adj spirituale

split n fissura ; vt scinde

spoon n cochleare

spread vt diffunde; sparge

spring n springtime ver || vi (originate) ori

sprinkle vt (wet with any liquid) consperge

square n quadrato

staff n palo

stake n palo

stand vi sta

star n astro; stella

stare vt stare at specta

state n (pol) regno, civitate, statu

station n statione

stationer n chartario

stay vi sta

stead n vice

steam n steamboat pyroscaph

steamship n pyronave

steel n aciario

steep adj praecipite **

step n passu; (of stairs) scala || vt take steps to ingrede

steward n (on ship, plane) dapifero

stick n baculo

still adv tamen

stocking n socculo

stone n (material substance) petra; (pebble) lapillo; saxo; (piece of rock) lapide; saxo

stool n scamno; sedile

stop vt siste, (computer) sustine

store n (shop) negotio; store room cella

storm n procella

stove n caldario; furno

straight adj recto

strain vt tende

straw n palea

street n strata

strength n fortia

stress n lay stress on insta

stretch vt (lengthen as from strain) tende

strike vt feri

strong adj forte

structure n superstructure opere

struggle vi pugna || n lucta

study vt stude

study n studio

stuff vt (fill) farci

stupid adj stulto, stupido

stupidity stultia

style n stilo

subject n subjecto

subjectivity n subjectivitate

submarine adj submarino

subscription n subscriptione

substance n substantia

substitute vt substitue

substitution n substitutione

succeed vt succede

succession n successione

successive adj successivo

succulent adj suculento

such cor tale; such as quale

suck vt suge

suffice suffice

sugar n saccharo

suggest vt suggere

suicide n morte voluntaria

sulphur n sulfure

summer n æstate

summit n summo; vertice

sun n sol

Sunday n soldie

sunflower n heliantho

super adj supra

superb adj superbo

superior adj superiore

supernatural adj supernaturale

superstructure n opere

supper n cena; quarto prandio

supply vt præbe; (make up for what is lacking in) supple

supporter n fautore

suppose vt suppone

supreme adj supremo

supress vt supprime

sure adj certo || adv surely vero

surface n superficie

surmount vt supera

surpass vt supera

surplus n reliquo

surprise vt stupefac; be surprised stupe

surround vt circui; circumda

suspect vt suspice

suture n sutura

swallow n hirundine || vt gluti

swamp n palude

sweat n sudore

Sweden Svedia

sweet adj dulce, suave

swift adj veloce

swim vi nata

swordfish n xiphia

syllable n syllaba

symbolic adj symbolico

sympathy vi sympathize with compate

system n systema

systematic adj systematico




table n (furniture) mensa; tabula; (list) tabella; tablecloth mantele; mappa

tablet n tabula

tactile adj tactile

tadpole n ranunculo

tailor n sartore

take vt prehende; take off (clothes) devesti

talent n ingenio

talk vt talk over discute

tall adj alto

tame vt (domesticate) domita

task n opera

taste vt gusta || n gustu

tax n (amount owed) imposito

taxi n taxabehiculo; taxametro

teach vt (educate) doce || n teacher magistro

teaching n doctrina

tear n lacrima

technical adj technico

telegraph n telegrapho

telephone n telephono

telephotography n telephotographia

telescope telescopio

television n televisione

temperature n temperatura

temple n templo

tempt vt tenta

ten card decem || fract tenth decimo

tenant n (of a house) inquilio

tendency n tendentia

tense n tempore

tension n tensione

tent n tentorio

term n tempore

terminology n terminologia

terror n terrore

test vt proba

than conj quam

thank vt agere gratias | n thanks gratias | inter thanks! gratias!

thanks to: debito ad (?)

that cor eo; illo; that one illo; that which illo || conj que

theater / theatre n theatro

their pos suo || prn theirselves se

then cor interea; tunc || adv ita

thence adv inde

theory n theoria

there cor eo; ibi; therefore ergo; itaque

thermal adj thermico

thesaurus n thesauro

they prn illos; uno; (female) illas

thick adj spisso; (large depth) crasso

thin adj (thin and long) tenue

thing n re

think vt cogita; pensa; puta

third ord tertio || fract uno tertio

thirst n siti

thirteen card decem-tres || ord thirteenth decimo-tertio

thirty card triginta || ord thirtieth trigesimo

this cor ce; hoc; isto

thorax n thorace

thorn n thorny spinoso

thou prn te

though conj etsi; quamvis

thousand card mille || ord thousandth millesimo

thread n filo

threaten adj threatening minace

three card tres; three by three tres per tres; trino

threshold n limine

thrice adv ter; tres vice

thrill vt incende

through prep go through percurre

throw vt jacta; throw forth projice ; throw away abice

thumb n pollice

thunder vi tona

Thursday n jovedie

thus cor ita; sic

thwart vt impedi

thy pos tuo; thine de te

ticket n tessera

tie n vinculo

tight adj angusto

till usque

timber n ligno

time n tempore; vice; how many times? quotiens?; time-table horario; to spend time dege

timid adj timido

tin n stanno

tip n (donation) donation

tire adj tired lasso

to prep ad; (as far as) usque; (toward) verso; today hodie

toast adj toasted tosto

today adv hodie

together pariter

totality n totalitate

tomb n tombstone lapide

tomorrow adv cras

tongue n lingua

tooth n dente

top n summo, supra

torment n tormento

torrent n torrente *

touch vt tange || n (sense) tactu

toward prep ad; erga; verso

towel n linteo

tower n turre

town n civitate; urbe

tract n loco; tractu

trade n trader commerciante

train n trahino

trajectory n trajectu

transform vt transforma

transformation n transformatione

transit n transitu

translate vt verte

translation n traductione

transmission n transmissione

transmit vt transmitte

transmitted transmisso

transparency n transparentia

transparent adj transparente

transpire vi transpira

transport vt (by vehicle) vehe || adj transported vecto

trap n fovea

travel vi itinera || n traveller viatore

traverse vi percurre

treasure n thesauro

treble adj triplo

tree n arbore

tremble vi treme

tremor n tremore

trip n itinere || vi labe

triple adj triale *

triumphant adj triumphante

trousers n (breeches) braca

trout n tructa

true adj vero || adv truly quidem; vere

truth n veritate

trumpet n bucina; tromba

try vt cona; tenta

tub n tina

tube n tubo

Tuesday n martedie

tug vt trahe

tunic n tunica

turn vt (change direction, facing) verte / converte; (change) muta || vi (on a connected axis) gyro

twelve card decem-duo || ord twelfth decimo-secundo

twenty card viginti || ord twentieth vigesimo

twice adv bis; duo vice

twig n virga

twinkle vi mica

twist vt torque

two card duo; two by two bino; duo per duo

type n specie, tipo



ugly adj turpe

umbrella n umbella

unanimity n unanimitate

uncertain adj vago

uncle n avunculo

under n sub

underling n inferiore

underpants n sub-bracas

understand vt intellige; percipe

undertake vt interprehende

undulation n ondulatione

uneasy adj inquieto

unfavorable adj infausto

unfounded adj ficto

union n unione

united adj foederato

United States of America n Civitates Foederato de America

universal adj universale

university n universitate

unknown adj ignoto

unless conj nisi; si ne

unreal adj irreale

unripe adj crudo

until prep (as far as) usque

unwieldy adj ponderoso

up prep get up surge; go up sali; up to (until) donec

upholster vt farci; operi || adj upholstered operto

upload vt mitte, impone

upper adj upper supero

upward adv surso

urge vt instiga; preme; urge

urgent adj urgente

urgency n urgentia

use vt ute; n usu

useful adj utile

useless adj inutile

usual adj usitato

utility n utilitate

utilize vt utiliza




vacuum n vacuum-cleaner vacuo

vague adj vago

value n valore

valve n valvula

valley n valle *

vanish vi evanesce

vanity n vanitate

vanquish vt vince || adj vanquished victo

variable adj variabile

variation n variatione

varied adj (diverse) diverso

variety n varietate

various adj vario

veal n vitulo (carne de)

vegetable n vegetale *

vehicle n vehiculo

velocity n velocitate

velvet n velluto

venom n veneno

verb n verbo

verify vt verifica

versatile adj versuto

vertex n vertice

vertical adj verticale

very adv maximo; multo; valde || adj vere

vest n thorace

veteran adj veterano

vexation n vexatione

view n vista; visu

viewer n (computer program) exhibitro

vigil n vigilia

vigilance n vigilantia

vigorous adj vivace ; vivido

vigour n vigore

vile adj vile

village n pago; vico

vine n vineyard vinea ; vineto

vital adj vitale

violate vt viola

violation n violatione

violator n violatore

violence n violentia

violent adj violento

violet adj violetto

virgin n virgine

virginity n virginitate

virtue n by virtue of ex

visage n vultu

visible adj visibile

vision n visu ; acie

visit vi visita

visual adj visuale

vocal adj vocale

voice n voce

voltaic adj voltaico

voluntary adj voluntario

vow vt vove

vowel n vocale

vulture n vulture




wagon n carro

wait vt wait for attende; expecta || n waiter dapifero

waitress n ancilla

walk vi ambula; grade

wall n muro; pariete

wand n virga

war n bello

warm adj calido || vt calefac

wash vt lava

watch n (timepiece) horologio; watchmaker horologiario

water n aqua; waterfall cataracta || adj waterproof impermeabile

wave n unda

we prn nos

weak adj debile

wealth adj wealthy locupleto

weapon n arma

wear vt (clothes) gere; vesti || adj weary lasso

weariness n taedio

weather n statu de cælo; tempore

weave vt texe

weaver n textore

web n tela

Wednesday n mercuriodie

week n hebdomade; septimana

weep vi fle; plange || n plora

weigh vt pensa

weight n pondere || adj weighty ponderoso

welcome adj accepto

well adv bene; well said benedicto || n puteo

west n occidente

western adj occidentale

whale n balæna

what cor que

wheat n frumento

wheel n rota

when cor quando

whenever - tanto quam (whenever possible - tanto quam possibile)

whence adv unde

where cor ubi

whereat conj apud que

whether conj an; utro?

which cor quale; que; (of two) utro; (referirng to entire previous clause) quod

while adv dum

whisper vt susurra

white adj albo ; candido **

who cor qui

whole adj (of one thing) toto || adv wholly toto

whom cor quem

why cor quare; quid; why not quin

wicked adj vitioso ; impio

wickedness n impietate ; nequitia

wide adj lato

widow n viduo

wife n marita; muliere; sponsa; uxore

wild adj silvatico

will vt (future tense) in futuro ; vol | n voluntate | adv willingly libenter

win vt (contract, order) obtine

wind vt torque

wind n vento

window n fenestra; window sill limine

wine n vino

wing n ala

winter n hieme

wisdom n sapientia

wise adj sapiente

wish vt vol; wish for vt desidera

with prep cum; within intra; without sine

witness n teste

woe inter væ!

wolf n lupo

woman n muliere

wonderful mirabile

wood n (forest) silva; (material) ligno; wood-sorrel oxalis

woof n (weaving) trama

wool n lana

word n verbo; vocabulo

work vi labora; opera; n labore | vt (control the functioning of, run the affairs of) opera | n worker operario

world n mundo

worm n verme

worry vt turba

worst adj pejore; pessimo

worth n valore || adj be worth vale; worthy digno

wound vt feri

wrap vt wrap around involve

wreath n corona

wretch n misero

wrist n wristwatch horologio

write vt scribe || adj written scripto

writer n scriptore

writing n scriptura , scripto




yacht n phaselo

yard n (enclosed courtyard) area (de domo)

ye prn vos

yea inter (hurrah!) io!

year n anno

yellow adj citrino; flavo

yes inter certo; etiam; ita; ita vero

yesterday adv heri

yet adv (already) jam; (however) sed; tamen; as yet adhuc; not yet nondum

yield vt (give way) cede

yoke n (bondage) jugo

yore n of yore olim

you prn vos; (plural) vos

young adj juvene

your pos (plural) vestro; yours de vos || prn yourselves (plural) vos

youth n (person) juvene




zither n cithara

zone n zona


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